Artificial Intelligence is a collection of advanced technologies that allows machines to sense, comprehend, act and learn. Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions help businesses go beyond automation of routine tasks and address complex business challenges not previously tackled by ‘traditional’ IT and engineering. Enterprises need Artificial Intelligence to lower costs and improve productivity. At Technotery, we enable organizations connect Artificial Intelligence with their day-to-day working environment by gaining a detailed understanding of their existing business processes and wider business challenges.

Say Hello to Chatbots!

An image depicting a conversation between a human and a robot which represents a chatbot as a whole. This image portrays one of the solutions provided by Technotery as part of its Artificial Intelligence offerings

Chatbots offer a new discipline of user experience (UX) which can change the perception of your brand, enhance relationships with your current customers and open new channels to potential customers. With the rise of the messaging apps, Chatbots are the next big thing in the world of Artificial Intelligence to enhance User Engagement. Chatbots are the face of employees that never sleep. Chatbots can sit anywhere, whether it’s your internal CRM system, E-commerce store, company website, your company’s Facebook Messenger, Slack Channel, and many more.

At Technotery, we help companies fundamentally reinvent the way their businesses run, compete and thrive by developing a range of Chatbots that learn, think and respond like humans using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning. We are focused on making Enterprise level Chatbots that go beyond a gimmick and help improve processes and knowledge sourcing. From Healthcare, Education, Financial Services, Retail, Marketing and Sales to Fashion and Hospitality Sectors – we help businesses provide convenience to their customers.


An image representing solutions offered by Technotery in the Retail vertical


An image representing solutions offered by Technotery in the Supply Chain and Logistics vertical

Supply Chain and Logistics

An image representing solutions offered by Technotery in the E-Commerce vertical


An image representing solutions offered by Technotery in the Travel and Hospitality vertical

Travel and Hospitality